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As the winter sun slowly disappeared behind the majestic background of the mountains, coolness was returning with the night air, a lone silent figure drove his truck along the dark road and night of work at Kobbe Industries. John Stoddard was a carpet cleaner by trade and owned his own cleaning company. Kobbe was a company that dealt in genetic research and cloning and one of his regular biweekly carpet cleaning customers.


  He approached their rather large familiar gated complex, after using his entry card and access code numbers for the gates, he entered the building, and started his usual routine of cleaning the carpets .He saw a new lab that hadn’t been there two weeks ago, the sign on its door said Virtual Reality Lab. As he proceeded with his cleaning of the room, he noticed the console had been left on and stopped to look, thinking it was some sort of game. As he studied the menu he saw a list of names, with an option for biography for each. Knowing he shouldn’t touch it, his curiosity, slowly overrode his common sense though. At each name was a biography with pictures and characteristics of each, with options to experience the virtual reality and a timer. As he looked through the names ignoring the male ones, he saw females of various ages and characteristics and noticed many from child to adult. An odd feeling of sadness enveloped him as he thought about the life he wished he had. You see. John was transgender and always feeling not quite right in his life as a male and wished he could have had one of the lives he saw there. He decided that was enough for tonight and definitely needed to get back to work. After returning the screen to its original page he returned to his work, but the concept of experiencing a female life remained foremost in his thoughts and into his dreams that night as sleep overtook him.


  As Charlotte Johnson drove to Kobbe Industries, her thoughts were occupied by her latest project as research manager and the new lab constructed for her unique desires. Mrs. Mary Anderson had approached her with a very unique proposition, Mrs. Anderson, being a very petite woman of considerable wealth had always wanted twin girls, but due to her size that was an unlikely possibility of being able to carry twins to term. She was a petite 4 ft 10 inches with long flowing hair that cascaded over her shoulders all the way to her hips in a beautiful natural auburn red color. In reality she was taller than of the females in her family for as far back as anyone knew, but had a strong desire bordering on obsession to have twin girls. She wanted twin girls that looked like her to dress up in pretty dresses to love and show off to the world.


  Charlotte knew it would be quite a challenge if she could accomplish what this woman wanted with tremendous financial gain and company prestige if they were successful. Many obstacles still stood in her way .The biggest problem had been resolved at least with the successful mapping and duplication of any persons memories and experiences and the ability to alter those memories slightly with no adverse effects on the individual and the ability to create a exact clone of any individual by dna. Her next problem was almost to a point of being resolved of how to transfer a consciousness into a clone and of course the other problem of finding a person willing to be transferred into that new body.


  As Charlotte entered her office, her mind was occupied with these issues as she started her day. Immediately she saw that her program had been accessed and sought to discover who it was that accessed it. She was intrigued   by the thought, could this man be the answer to her quest of finding the right person for her needs .As she studied the history records and the hidden video a smile crossed her face at what she saw .The history definitely seemed to indicate a person clearly interested and she believed may have potential for her needs .Her first task was customizing her program menu allowing more information within with more in depth explanations, with a emphasis on emotions and tactile sensations to experience for each virtual reality sequence and in particular those dealing with Mary’s situation .The nurturing spirit of a young mother and a maternal desire for twin girls to love and expanded on the experiences pertaining to what growing up a female would be like and also planned for additional sessions to be developed .If this man was her answer she would surely know by what he chose to experience .


  Over the next two weeks she created multiple virtual programs, knowing her programs were as close to reality as could be developed and that any closer would only be the reality she’d hoped for him. The program being very unique in its concepts as it also allowed the user to experience the normal induced emotion of the experience while still remember their real life although not as vividly to effect how they would interact. There were several as an infant and toddler and developing ages as young girl as well as some of a young mother and various females of different ages. She then created a very in depth file of Mary’s hopes and expectations of how she expected her new girls to be and how they would be raised as the first profile on the list.


  As the eve of John’s next arrival drew closer, Charlotte thought of ways to entice this young man further. Signs were put up advertising The Kobbe Industries Virtual Reality Program where you could experience the lives of others or create your own .She also knew this would give her his brain patterns that would assist in the anticipated transfer later.

   As Charlotte waited in her office unseen, she watched John enter on the monitor for his scheduled job and monitored his progress, She saw him arrive as usual as he cleaned the various area, then as he turned a corner, there in front of him stood the lab .he stood motionless as a multitude of emotions flooded his consciousness looking at the advertisement sign of living another persons memories. As he entered the lab, he saw changes since he was there last, in place of the simple computer screen and keyboard, was a chair, not unlike a dentist chair but more plush and very cushioned with places for his feet and hands .As he sat within the chair it seemed to envelope him surrounding, his body as the touch screen lowered to easily within his reach. As he looked through the various scenarios, ignoring the male ones like last time he was there .He wondered about the females lives, with there ages and scenarios before him, there were teen girls but there interest was primarily being boy crazy at that age .He looked at the older females who were more settled and thought about trying them first, but then settled on the innocence and carefree life of the child. He made his choice of a preschool girl, as instructions came up to put his feet into cutouts provided in the footrest for them and a similar molds for his hands, the chair seemed to envelope him more as the only thing his body could now feel and a helmet with visor lowered   over his head. The first sensations he felt were strong emotions and a inner peace of feelings of being safe and loved, as any other problems just seemed unimportant .His body felt different as if he had left the lab totally, as he looked down he saw and felt himself in the body of a young girl playing with her dolls, he felt the long red pigtails against him arms and the dress gently caressing his legs. However these feelings were soon replaced by the childish euphoria experienced as he enjoyed playing happily by himself and all the fun he was experiencing, this pattern of contentment continued through coloring drawing and playing house .He could feel his male consciousness in the background almost like a dream, but the emotions of this new reality controlled his actions and gave him the peace and innocence of the child .He heard a name being called and somehow knew it was his new mother calling him for lunch .As he ran downstairs yelling “coming mommy” she waited at the bottom picking him up and twirling him as she hugged him as more emotions flooded his brain , he finished his lunch and more hugs ,after cuddling in the mothers warm embrace awhile he went for a nap and woke up again in the lab .Oddly only 45 minutes in actual time had passed so he tried several other similar scenarios with similar results .


  As he looked at the screen again, he saw the program for Mary Anderson, and opened her profile. Within its depths he discovered a fascinating woman deeply enveloped in a unique style of femininity .A beautiful woman who cherished and flaunted her femininity in a very conservative many .A very strong inner strength when she chose to reveal it to others, but a very demure outer appearance of sparkling blue eyes and very warm smile to light up her world, that reflected the deep warmth and compassion within her with long flowing hair that framed her beautiful elfin face and cascaded over her shoulders all the way to her womanly hips. She portrayed an image of pure femininity to be remembered by anyone that was blessed by her presence, the same but somehow different than the average seem today. A woman that lit up any room with her feminine grace when she entered it


  As John sat mesmerized by her appearance, he knew he had to experience this woman. Deep within his consciousness he perceived this woman as his idea perfection that he had to experience. As his trembling hands touched the controls to become her, his pulse quickened and the changes enveloped him as a inner peace soon overtook him, wishing to the depths of his soul that this was who he had he had been born as. Intense new feelings and memories flowed through his consciousness as this new awareness firmly consumed his existence. He felt the long hair down his back and the gentle sway of a dress as it gently moved as he walked down a street and the sounds of his heels moving gracefully with each step on the hard pavement and saw the pleasing smiles of those nearby. There was no arrogance in her manner, nor her feelings sensed, just a strong inner peace and contentment of being the type of woman she chose to be .She saw most of the other women in jeans and slacks, which in her opinion was fine if that was there choice but she preferred the way she chose to dress in skirts, blouses and dresses for herself.


  As she reached her destination of a large department store, a young gentleman politely held the door for her as she entered; she smiled sweetly and thanked him and continued on her way. Today was primarily a day for window-shopping unless she really found something she liked. John could actually feel the emotion of excitement in her as she looked through rack after rack of clothes hoping to find that special outfit that was truly meant for her .She tried on many dresses, skirts and shoes that day. And then walked down another aisle to the little girls department. Her emotions were bordering on overload as she looked at the entire selection of little girl dresses, thinking that would be what her girls would wear, as a realization hit John that she was indeed pregnant and had only recently found out. John was a bit confused as to why as she gently caressed her stomach thinking of a single baby girl in there and why was she now thinking of twins she would have. After several minutes the full realization of what she was thinking became clear in John’s thinking .She wanted twin girls and Kobbe Industries somehow intended to help her realize that dream. As he pondered this reality seriously wondering if it could be possible or was she just crazy, he couldn’t help envying the girls for having a such a wonderful future mother and likely them growing up to look and act very much like her. As more thoughts started to surface in her mind of hoping a clone would be identical to her unborn daughter and to raise them to enjoy there femininity together, embracing and cherishing it as much as she did.


  John’s mind was in somewhat of a panic at these newly discovered revelations and questions consumed his thought, was it really possible, who would the lucky girl be that would live this new life. And oh my gosh, that would be so wonderful to be that twin and learn to be a girl with a sister to help him learn as he grew up again but this time as a girl. His thoughts were coming so fast he thought he must have fainted or something .As consciousness slowly returned he felt the chair under him again but just laid there with his eyes closed enjoying the memory. John eventually got up as he knew he had to and completed his job for the night but his mind never strayed far from what he had experienced .On the drive home, John’s mind played over the events of the night and sleep did not come easy for him and vivid dreams consumed his sleep .His mind never strayed far over the next 2 weeks of what he had experienced .It was as if all the feeling and dreams of a lifetime seemed to play out in his mind over and over again, to live that life that he dreamed he had been given.


  In much the same way as John’s mind was playing over the events so was Charlotte Johnson, as she strongly believed she had found the person she sought. As she reviewed the logs she knew John was transgender and never had the life he very apparently wanted that was always beyond attainment .The full life of a girl growing up as a normal girl and eventually reaching maturity to fully live out his dreams of full femininity with all its challenges and obstacles. The concept of why a man would want to be female bewildered her a bit as she knew it did most females, with starting with how much more there is to being than just going to the bathroom, then puberty, menses and of course bras that men never had to deal with. As she pondered the differences, a possible realization came to mind, the key to gender differences is in tactile awareness .In the very same way that the softness of clothing influences the feminine mind and behaviors if he gives in to those desires and this would be her key to draw him in deeper. As she thought out the scenario for his next visit she knew it would draw him in even deeper into the desires that they both dreamed of.


  As the two weeks crept slowly by for John for his next encounter, the night finally arrived as a balance of eager anticipation and anxiety dominated his conscious thought, after entering the Kobbe complex, instead of starting work as usual he proceeded directly to the lab .As he approached the lab at a rather brisk pace, the lights were already on. He sat in the now familiar chair and as the screen lowered, he noticed only one option was showing –“The twins”. He hesitated a moment then clicked on the file, as the helmet lowered around him; a different reality than his previous times was seen. He felt like himself lying there as a voice was calling his name .as he turned his head toward the voice to see a attractive woman smiling and talking to him.” John – my name is Charlotte Johnson and I’ve been watching you for weeks now” John grew more nervous as she continued. I know your inner thoughts and dreams and can give them to you if that is your true desire .Now I would like you to finish the program and then we will talk” This puzzled him but he quickly calmed realizing he really want this.


  As John laid there unsure what would happen next, a very tiny girl that looked smaller than a newborn appeared before him as he felt his consciousness seem to enter her tiny body, the world instantly grew dark around him as time seemed to stand perfectly still as he appeared to be enveloped in some sort of enclosure. Realization hit him as a tiny hand seemed to touch him then the tiny hands seemed to embrace him as feeling of bond between the two of them that would last though eternity seemed to pass between them. He suddenly realized he was in a womb and this was his sister .The muffled sounds of the outside world could be heard all around him along with two close heartbeats, his and new sister and a more distant one of the mother as the bond between the three grew stronger with the time that seemed to last over months. Until one day his world felt different somehow as they seems to be moving toward something unseen. His sister seemed to move first and as feeling of being alone enveloped his consciousness and then a bright light flooded his eyes as he heard himself wail in shock. After being touched a lot and wiped he suddenly heard and a familiar sound of his mothers heartbeat as calmness soon enveloped him and his sister as they were laid on his new mothers chest.


  Time seemed to pass quickly as awareness of the world around him changed around him, but some constants always remained the smells of his new mother and the sweet warm milk she gave him, that left him so contented while nestled tenderly in the obvious love of her embrace and the closeness he shared with his new sister. As time seemed to pass he became very aware first of the softness of the dresses he now wore everyday and of the warm loving smile and happiness of his mother every time she dressed them as the softness and love he never before knew dominated his world. After what appeared to be about six months a more acute awareness of the world started to take hold, but everything seemed new to him as if he was experiencing it for the first time and it wasn’t until after he had mastered a new skill that he recalled it in his prior real life.

  With time he seemed to mature further as he relearned to walk and talk again as he advanced into toddlerhood as learning and new realizations emerged within him. He never tired of his mother’s warm loving smile and the happiness within her clearly felt as she doted over the twins taking great pride in them and dressing them with the looks of admiration of others as they interacted with others. Feelings within the twins quickly emerged of a desire to be just like their mother as they imitated her movements in play, as they grew older and relished in their femininity just like their mother.

   Then one morning after what seemed a very long time, John awoke back in the lab chair .As the world around him unfolded back to his old reality he smelled his mother’s familiar perfume and felt someone holding his hand. As his eyes opened he saw it was his new mother looking very pregnant now on one side of him and Charlotte Johnson on the other side .As his new mothers now familiar tender loving smile warmed his heart to its core she kissed him tenderly and loving asked, which reality will be your new real life now as both women awaited his answer.


Kimberly Anne Townsend


To be continued... (Incomplete)
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