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Sex and the Little League by Dawn DeWinter Rated: Young Audiences (Age 9+) (K+) starstarhalf-star [Reviews - 3]

A tale about Little Leaguers, eleven-year-olds, having sex?  Nope.  This story is about the sex (or gender) of the players who played youth baseball before girls were officially admitted to the program in 1974.  It’s about one particular girl, Kelly Rodman, who may have been the first of her sex ever to play in the Little League World Series.  Those who know my stories will appreciate that there must be a twist – a curve ball – to this tale.  After all, it does come from Texas, the land of Pecos Pete and other tall tales. 


Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2010. Dawn DeWinter. All rights reserved.


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