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About Us

TGFiction.Net is based on the simple phillosophy that there will NEVER be enough T* Fiction sites to fit everyone's tastes.

�When I first started thinking about creating a new T* fiction site, it was an idea born out of a story.

I had just started writing my first TG Fiction story for the net, and one of the plot points included a website called "DarkPortal". After thinking on that for a little bit, I thought that would be a GREAT name for a simple fiction site. And DarkPortal.Org was originally born.

It was a simple site, using just static HTML and the end all of coolness at the time... FRAMES!

But as time went on, no one wanted to post their stuff to my site, and my story was at an seemingly endless stalemate of never being finished, so the site just lingered for a while.

Fast forward about 3 years, and I hook up online with a group of friends at this relatively new story site called "Crystal's StorySite ".�

One day, while hanging out with my new friends on ICQ (yeah, we were that cool), we started hatching an idea for a new story universe called�HuggleBugs �(yup, I'm THAT Piper).

Sortly after designing and implementing the original HuggleBugs website, I started conspiring with my good friend,�Kim EM . I started tell her how I found this great flatfile database system, that would let us build a great database driven T* Fiction site, with search capabilities, and it would all be dynamically created, on the fly, using PERL! (Yes, I know PHP/MySQL was already popular at the time, but I was working with what I knew).

Couple months later, StoryPortal ws born!

StoryPortal was a great site. But it did not take us long at all to outgrow the perl/flatfile database system. So I bought some books on PHP/MySQL and started a re-design of the site...

While I was working soley on this redesign, StoryPortal lingered without many new stories. But we got TONS of traffic. Sometime while working on the StoryPortal project, another friend of Kim and mine, Pickles cornered me on ICQ one day and said "Hey, how come you don't do this kind of stuff for money?" and I said "It takes a lot of investment to do web design and hosting for money. I need servers, and I need to locate them at a datacenter, and there is just too much involved. But the main issue is $$Money$$!"�

Honestly, I can't remember what his exact reply was, but 2 weeks later, Kim, Pickles and Myself had formed "PP&F NetWorks, LLC " and I had a check to pay for our new servers!�

Well, shortly after we formed PP&F, it came to our attention that AB Gender was going to leaving the hosting business, and that�StorySite �was soon going to be without a home.

Well, being the great people we are *blush* and because of the fact that�StorySite �is what brought us together. We struck a deal with Crystal to host�StorySite �for no cost.�

Well, while working on the new business, the StoryPortal re-design, and some personal issues (like the fact that I moved to Chicago), dissaster struck.

The registrar that I had registered our beautiful domain through, had basically dissapeared off the face of the earth.... And the domain was up for renewal!

Well, low an behold, StoryPortal.Org is now a PORN site... They offered to sell me the domain once, for about $5,000 saying they needed to make sure they recouped their costs.... *grumbles*

Well, not long after, a friend of ours gave us this great new domain name that he wasn't using anymore...�TGFiction.Net

�So, instead of just re-working the old site, I came up with a completely new site. It made use of PHP/MySQL, you could download your stories in PDB/PDF/TXT/HTML/DOC and RTF!


It was hand-written amature coding. Spaghetti code I think Kim called it. It became hard to maintain, and almost imposible for me to get help in posting stories...

So, I got some great advice from a friend, and she steered me to eFiction. eFiction is what drives the site you see today. It allows you to submit your story, and see it instantly. You can make edits and revisions whenever you want, and we have one of the best search facilities of all the T* Fiction sites.

But, alas, there is the bad.

Kim passed away on June 11, 2008.

She did manage to see the site in a form very close to what it is now, but she will never get to see the site that we originally planned together so many years ago, become the success I know it will.�

This is for you Kim, and I will always love you! *tears* Webutation