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"So will you do it?" Amanda asked

I looked at her; we were eye to eye, her expression pleading me to agree to her proposal.

Amanda and I had known each other since school. We had been through it all; boys, girls, music, pubs, clubs and everything in between. From living on the same street as kids we had grown up in the same town and through thick and thin had been close, like brother and sister. I knew pretty much everything about her and I think she thought she knew pretty much everything about me.

We talked pretty much everyday and when she was between boyfriends we went out at weekends and drowned our sorrows with cheap booze. Often I would end up back at her flat watching MTV into the small hours over endless cups of tea putting the world to rights. We would sit at either end of the sofa facing each other with our feet up, her long legs on mine. After a night out she would come in and get changed into her bathrobe and fluffy socks, take off her make up and wait for me to bring in the tea. Sometimes she would look at me wistfully and I often wondered what she was thinking. Then she would call me an 'misery' and flick me with her cushion. I knew she was joking about the misery bit, but I always wondered if when we sat like that for hours if she was longing to hold me like I wanted to do to her.

I hadn't discovered how Amanda felt as more often than not after a few weeks, with the weekend approaching, she would say something like:

"Mikey... About Saturday...." and her voice would trail off and I would know what would come next.

"It's just that there's this guy...." and I would say "no problem" and we would still talk and text everyday and I would wait until the inevitable phone call:

"You're all bastards!"

"Who's that?"

"You know!"

The guys who just a few weeks ago had been "so cool", "hot" and (potentially) "the one" would get cold feet or lose interest. Amanda didn't do things by halves and her MO tended to run to suggesting dinner with her parents or dinner with his parents after the second date. This was normally enough to see the exit visas issued and have my phone ringing as the weekend approached.

I suppose I didn't mind really. It wasn't as if I had a busy social life. I worked full time in a local warehouse and volunteered a few evenings during the week to stop myself from going crazy with the monotony of my day job. Going out with Amanda was a bit of escapism as she would do most of the talking when we were out. We would park ourselves in the corner of a bar and go through a bottle of wine while she dissected every guy and girl in there:

"Ugh! Terrible shoes!" or "What was she thinking with that dress?!"

I would laugh along conspiratorially and carry on as we got to the club and made fun of everyone’s dancing and watched the other punters trying to cop off with each other. Then it would be into a cab and back to her flat and the sofa and the cups of tea until I was propping matchsticks to keep my eyes open and needed to walk back to my bedsit. Sometimes if was really late or the weather was bad Amanda would say "You can stay" swiftly followed by "on the sofa" as if I was imagining that tonight would be the night that she would finally cave in and invite me into her bed.

So I would stay on the sofa and maybe make another cup of tea, turn down the MTV and lie there thinking about her beyond the bedroom door. I could often hear her snores if she was really drunk and then I would think it was safe enough to flick through one of her magazines or if she had left it on the coffee table flick through her phone; seeing who she had called or who had sent a text.

I knew she would kill me if she knew but reassured by the snores I would scroll through and see the names of the guys and then look at the texts. They were crudely written; what he was going to do to her or vice versa. Sometimes I would find a really juicy one and slip my hand inside my waistband and play with myself.

Sometimes I imagined what it would be like to do those things to her but at times I wondered what it would feel like to be her. I had never had a lot of success with girls as I was below average height and despite doing a manual job quite slim. It was never something I thought about when I was growing up of course but as we grew older and closer and began to spend more time together I began to notice how similar Amanda and I were. Not so much brother and sister but we were a similar height at around 5'8 or 9 and Amanda had a swimmers build which made her rather more broad shouldered than most girls. A couple of times she had slipped on my coat if it was cold after a night out and it always seemed to fit OK. I had no idea whether or not that particular observation went both ways; I had never tried on any of her stuff.

When we came back from a club she would get in the door and flick her leg back and foot up as she walked, yanking off her high heels and chucking them on the floor. That was the extent of her striptease as she would disappear into the bedroom and emerge in her bathrobe, clean of make up but with the remains of whatever elaborate hairstyle she had employed that night. I was fascinated by her clothes and would watch her as she stood at the bar getting another bottle of wine in when we were out, always noticing a new dress or top she might have on. I studiously avoided mentioning anything about noticing these things to avoid getting into a conversation that I wouldn't feel in control of; worried I would let something slip.

My fascination with Amanda's clothes had crept up on me really to the point where I would catch myself absentmindedly looking at a shop window display and wondering if the mannequin had been dressed in a style that would appeal to her. I had begun to think to myself when we went out that she would have done better to wear a different pair of high heels or earrings with a particular dress having studied her at close quarters for so long. I so wanted to be able to see what was behind the bedroom door; the treasure trove of dresses, tops, leggings, shoes and accessories I knew would be there. I didn't actually know what I would do if I was allowed in there but I was becoming more and more obsessed with what it would be like.

In October as the nights began to draw in Amanda started dating a new guy. They had a few dates but strangely the break up didn't follow. It seemed this new man, as well as being from France and therefore unlikely to be subjected to a meet the parents suggestion, had also managed to curb some of Amanda's feet first tendencies and a romance was beginning to blossom.

Needless to say I had been gently pushed to one side and was making do with daily updates about "Jean Paul this" and "Jean Paul that". I guess I was beginning to feel a bit cast off after around six weeks and I hadn't seen Amanda in that time. The only good thing, if in fact it was a good thing, was that I hadn't been obsessing quite so much about Amanda's wardrobe. I had seriously mixed feelings about the whole thing. Part of me wondered how fabulous her stuff must feel to touch compared to my own casual clothes and jeans. One of my last discoveries before she got with Jean Paul was to find out that we had the same size feet. After a night out Amanda had as always kicked off her heels. I hadn't contorted myself to look at the artfully discarded shoe in the hallway. Instead I had noticed a pair of flat ballet pumps poking out from under the sofa. They were faux leopard print and I couldn't help noticing they were a size 8. I felt a surge of excitement laced with fear as I looked at them. I couldn't hear any sounds from the bedroom so I knew I couldn't risk it. Besides what if she noticed they had been moved the next day?

I was heating some soup on my single electric ring in the bedsit when Amanda called.


"Hi" I said, waiting for the tirade to begin.

"What are you doing?" I looked down at the soup pan.

"Nothing really... Why?"

"I was hoping you were free tonight"

Amanda was hoping I was free.. Tonight.. A Friday. It could only mean one thing.

"What's happened?"

"Nothing. I just need to see you that's all"


We agreed to meet at our usual pub and I was waiting at a corner table when Amanda walked in. She didn't look like a girl who had just split up with her boyfriend anyway. She strode over in high heeled ankle boots and tight jeans and planted a big kiss on each cheek.

It turned out things were going swimmingly with Jean Paul; he was definitely "the one", she was convinced of it. I found myself feeling more and more resentful as she gushed about how great he was and what a fantastic lover etc. Things were going so well in fact that he was going to take her skiing for a week in a weeks time.

"But you can't ski!" I said

"JP is going to teach me" she trilled. So it's JP now is it? I thought. Well thanks to bloody JP I was gong to be stuck indoors for at least another few weeks with nothing to do but count the cracks in the wall. Thanks a bunch Amanda!

But that wasn't all. Oh no. Amanda needed me for something. JP has brought her a Peace Lily and she's petrified that it will wilt and die if she goes away. Would I be a darling and go and water it while she's away? And while I'm working myself up into a state of righteous indignation something else clicks on in my head; wait a minute, wait... a... minute. Amanda away for a week and she's leaving me the key to her flat. My mind started to race.

"So will you do it?" I began to smile, a really broad smile.

"Yeh, course I will"

And there it was my plan, my flash of inspiration. I mean why should she have all the fun. Why couldn't I have some too? Why couldn't I see how much fun it was for her? Well now I could. The run of Amanda's flat; her bedroom... her clothes...

"So you really don't mind?" Amanda's voice brought me to my senses.

"No, of course not"

She had it all worked out of course. JP was going to pick her up as their flight was early morning. She would leave her car, "Use it if you want". If I was taking in her post every day while on Lily duties her neighbours probably wouldn't even notice she was gone. And I supposed they wouldn't think it was odd if they saw the lights on and heard the TV on either if that was the case. I assured her I would keep an eye on things and she gave me a big hug.

"I knew I could count on you Mikey"

The night before she left I came home to a note from Amanda and her spare keys. I let myself into the bedsit and tossed the keys on the side. I had some post to go through. There were a couple of brown paper wrapped packages and a small cardboard box. Taking a knife from the draw I carefully opened them. The box contained several smaller packages which in turn contained a basic make up set and brushes purchased from an online retailer. The paper package contained a poly bag containing a mass of synthetic hair in a shade of auburn. The colour was a close approximation of Amanda's hair colour.

I opened the bag and took the wig out. It was hard to tell from where it had been packed flat but I knew in the other package there was a brush and net that I was assured would get the wig into a style that wasn't too dissimilar to Amanda's. I had chosen the terminal in the back corner of the Internet Cafe when I ordered it from another online store lest anyone be able to see my screen. I had looked at the photos I had of Amanda on my phone before settling on the style and colour of wig that I thought looked most like my friends.

I knew Amanda was getting picked up at six the following morning so I was up four thirty and showered and shaved and ready for the short walk to her flat by five forty five. My body felt alive and tingly after I had removed all of my hair from my chest (a little), under arms and legs (a lot) and dressed in dark track suit bottoms and a hoody. I packed the wig and make up in a rucksack and locking the bedsit behind me headed out. I didn’t see any cars as I could get to Amanda's on foot using back streets and alleyways. I made sure that I kept out of site of her windows as I approached the flat as I knew she would probably be looking out for JP. I found a little spot in a little alcove between two blocks of flats and waited.

After around ten minutes I was starting to panic about what might happen if someone was going to work early and saw me. I would look pretty suspicious in my dark clothing and I couldn't imagine how I would explain the wig and make up if I was stopped by the police. Fortunately I was saved minutes later when a taxi pulled up outside Amanda's block of flats and a tall dark haired guy got out and went and buzzed the intercom. I hadn't met JP but recognised him from her describing him. I heard Amanda's voice crackling through the intercom and then the buzz as she let him into the block. Minutes later they were both back down, Amanda in Ugg boots and leggings, dark red hair covered by a wooly hat, JP carrying a pink suitcase behind her.

I waited until I couldn't hear the car before stepping out of the shadows and walking up to the entrance to Amanda's block of flats. I put the key in the lock, let myself in and crept upstairs. I didn't use the communal lights to go to the third floor. I had done the walk enough times before. The noise of the Chubb lock and the front door seemed so loud as I tried to get inside the flat. I stepped over the threshold and experienced a moment of terror after I had shut the door and realised that knowing Amanda she would think she had forgotten her passport and turn back to check. The buzz of my mobile in my pocket soothed my nerves:

"Soz 4 early MSG. Just left.. Sooo excited! A x x"

I could reply to that later. I clicked on the light in the open plan kitchen living room. The place was quite tidy. Amanda wasn't what you would call house proud but JP was obviously having an effect on her in more ways than one. I couldn't help smiling when I noticed the leopard skin pumps poking out from under the sofa. I wondered if they had ever been moved since the last time I saw them.

Amanda's bedroom led off the main room. I approached the closed door slowly and was even more deliberate turning the handle and opening the door. It was a reasonable sized double room with an iron bedstead dominating the centre with small tables either side. Along one wall opposite the window were two freestanding wardrobes and a chest of draws. A mixture of loose shoes, boots and shoe boxes spilled out from under the bed itself. In the corner was a laundry basket with clothes and underwear overwhelming the space available. The overriding impression was of too many clothes and shoes fighting for space. As I turned I noticed Amanda's bathrobe hung on the back of the door. Instinctively I pulled off my hoody, T shirt and joggers and taking the bathrobe from its hook slipped my arms inside. It smelt of perfume and Amanda. I looked around and spotted a can of deodorant on the dresser. I gave myself a spray and then tied the cord around my waist. A quick poke in the dresser found a pair of fluffy socks which I donned while sat on the bed with my knees drawn up.

I crossed my legs and took the wig and brush from my bag. The website I got it from had advised holding it up at arms length and gently brushing out the style. After five minutes it was beginning to become more recognisable as a hairstyle so I went and stood in front of the tall mirror Amanda had propped against one wall. Taking the wig gently in both hands I bent forward and pulled on the wig from front to back. I needed a few little adjustments before I was happy it was straight. The style wasn't 100% accurate but the colour was spot on. I would need to do a lot more work yet but someone looking through the window from a distance right now might be forgiven for thinking Amanda Stubbs was in her bedroom making an early start.

I decided to have a look around. There was some make up and perfume spread haphazardly across the top of the dresser with an electric illuminated mirror where Amanda must put on her make up. The drawers contained from top to bottom; underwear, tights and socks with leggings, t shirts, joggers and lounge wear in the last drawer. The first cupboard contained Amanda's work clothes. She worked as an Area Manager for a local cleaning company so there was a mixture of skirt and trouser suits, blouses and smart tops hanging on the rail. The second had the party wear with all of the dresses, jeans, and fancy tips that I recognised from our nights out. I ran my finger along the edge of the clothes, pulling the odd thing out to look more closely. A particular dress I had fixated on after a night out was hung near the end of the rail. I gently lifted it out on its hanger. It was made of a black lacy material which looked see through, but as I could see now had a flesh coloured lining underneath to cover up everything; how clever!

So now I was here what to do? I had a loose plan in my head about trying Amanda's life on for size but now I had her clothes, her flat, even her car at my disposal I didn't quite know what to do next. I knew Amanda wouldn't normally be up before seven so I thought I might get into bed for a while. I didn't know if she wore anything in bed but I thought I would try and get some clues from her underwear drawers. Sure enough I found some loose looking wide legged bottoms with a polkadot pattern. The La Senza logo gave them away as some kind of nightwear and a further rummage produced a coordinating vest top with lacy details on the scooped neckline.

I slipped off the robe and pulled on the bottoms. The soft fabric brushed against my shaved legs as I pulled them up over my hips and settled them slightly higher than my normal waistline. The vest was snug but comfortable but despite my cute outfit and soft waves of hair framing my face and falling over my shoulders I still looked like a boy as I stood in front of the mirror. I had bumps and bulges in the wrong places. I went over to the laundry basket and looked through the jumble of clothes. I selected a plain looking bra and a pair of girls boxer shorts, more high cut and lacy trimmed than my own. The knickers were tight like the vest and although they held me in I still had a tell tale bulge. I put my hand in and pushed my cock back between my legs. That was better. Now instead a bulge there was a flat tummy curving down and away and appearing to promise secret feminine delights under the soft cotton and lace design.

The bra took a while to figure out as fastening from behind was impossible. Turning the bra round having fastened it at the front worked and I slipped my arms through the straps and pulled the cups about until they sat in what seemed like the right place. There was some shape to the bra already but my own socks stuffed in side helped to fill it out. I dressed again in the bottoms and vest and had another look in the mirror. Now I had some curves; the pink bra contrasting with the red vest and my cute polkadot bottoms and fluffy socks. Without a trace of makeup I still didn't look that much like a girl, let alone Amanda, but I still thought that from a distance through the window I would appear naturally enough as a young woman starting her day.

I slipped into bed after clicking off the main light and putting on the light on one of the bedside tables. Propping up the pillows I drew my knees up although I was careful to keep my legs together now that I was a girl. I opened the paperback that Amanda had left on the table. It wasn't one of my normal Sci Fi genres. This was some slushy romance about a girl who couldn't stop shopping. I figured "when in Rome" and settled down to read a few pages. The bewildering number of shopping sprees brought it home to me how many clothes and shoes most girls seemed to have. I made do with a few pairs of trainers and now I would be able to choose between shoes, boots, sandals, stiletto heels, wedges... The list was endless.

As it was a Friday Amanda would normally be working so having already decided that I would be going sick myself today it wouldn't be right for Amanda to miss work. As the digital clock on the table clickedover to seven thirty I reluctantly pushed back the duvet and performing a few yawns and stretches like I was just waking padded into the bathroom for a shower. First I needed to pee and naturally I sat down to do my toilet like a girl. I ran a hot shower and grabbed one of the disposable lady razors I had brought with me. Having soaped up using one of Amanda's scented body washes I re shaved my legs, chest and under arms careful not to nick myself.

I had taken the wig off by now but pulled the towel up around my chest to cover me properly when I stepped out of the bath. I had a quick shave and wrapped another towel around my head as if I had washed my long hair, rather than removed my wig. After towelling off and using moisturiser I put the bathrobe back on and went to choose my underwear. There were loads to choose from but there seemed to be a distinct difference with some sets fairly plain verses more colourful contrasting sets with prints and lace details. As I was getting ready for work I selected a black knicker in a similar girl boxer style to what I had worn in bed. I carefully tucked everything out of site before putting on a matching bra and filling it out with socks.

I went and got my own make up stuff, purchased online, from the living room and came back into the bedroom and over to the dresser. I flicked on the illuminated mirror and examined my face. Now for the hard bit. Fortunately, Amanda's flat was covered in photos of her on various nights out and holidays so I had a template to use to try and emulate her make up. As she wasn't going to need it skiing she had left her work ID so although it wasn't the greatest picture I used that as a starting point.

I applied pan stick to start with as although I didn't have much if any shadow I wanted to cover up any tell tale signs of me as a boy. Next came liquid foundation dusted with several coats of powder. I used my brushes and a highlighter and blusher to change the shape of my face so that it appeared a bit rosier cheeked like Amanda's. To make my look more realistic I used her eye shadow and lipgloss but added false eyelashes to give mine length and as a finishing touch an eyebrow pencil to draw on a little beauty spot identical to Amanda's on her cheek.

I gave myself a good spray of Amanda's deodorant and went to the wardrobe to choose my outfit. Amanda always wore a suit to work but she tended to favour trouser suits unless she was going to a meeting or in her office as the cleaning contracts she looked after were often in industrial locations. This also meant that her chosen footwear for work was often ankle boots of some kind. Rather than wear tights which just seemed too awkward to put on under trousers I found some cute ankle socks with little hearts on.

I found a black suit from New Look and found a stretchy long sleeved top to go underneath. The smooth bra didn't show to much under the top and it wasn't too low cut. Even so I realised that some kind of necklace would probably be needed to properly accessorise my outfit. I applied a little blusher to give a hint of cleavage disappearing into the v neckline of my top. The trousers were high waisted and had a slim belt that I tightened as much as possible to give the illusion of a waistline. I was a little disappointed that my bum didn't fill the trousers out as much as Amanda's would have but combined with the fitted suit jacket and my fake bustline I seemed to fit quite well into her clothes.

I reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of black leather ankle boots with a pointed toe and a stilletto heel around two inches high. I sat on the bed and pulled them on and did up the side zips. I was more steady on my feet than I thought I would be and walked to the dresser to find jewellery. I had both of my ears pierced ages ago and it was easy to slip on a pair of gold hoops and one of Amanda's cross necklaces. I unwound the towel from my head and took the wig from where I had hung it on the bed post. I gave it a brush out before pulling it back on and standing in front of the mirror.

I had met Amanda from work a few times and as I stood in front of the mirror in her clothes I had to admit it was a bit scary. Now I had the benefit of make up, make up that I had copied from Amanda, I was transformed into her. I adopted a more feminine pose, pushing my hip out slightly and letting one hand hang limply to my side. With long auburn hair falling over my shoulders and the appearance of breasts and a feminine waistline from the fitted suit jacket I could have been looking at Amanda. I revelled in how convincing my impersonation was thanks to wearing her actual clothes, knowing that a few months ago we had met for a drink after work and she had sat opposite me in the pub wearing this suit, top and boots. Her legs crossed, gesturing animatedly about some guy who had dumped her.

It's all because you're too keen I thought as I looked at 'Amanda' in the mirror; got to play a bit more hard to get. That was how I would do it if I was her. That was how I could do it because now I am her...

Wait a minute though... Crazy thoughts entering my head; need to calm down a minute. This was just a case of my curiosity getting the better of me. Curiosity and opportunity. Curiosity, opportunity and my imagination. I sat on the bed. Crossing my legs seemed the natural thing to do. I tried to think clearly. I was pretty certain I was the only one that Amanda had told that she was going away so it was possible that I could hang out at her flat without causing any attention. I looked at my reflection again in the mirror; I figured I looked enough like Amanda to go the short distance downstairs and then get into her Mini. At this time of day and dressed like this if anyone did see me they would probably just see Amanda on her way to work.

I went into the living room. Sure enough a large black handbag I recognised from Amanda's working wardrobe sat on the table. I looked inside. There was the kind of jumble I would have expected of tissues, make up, a half drunk bottle of Evian and her Filofax. I guess she wasn't going to be needing that on holiday. I flicked through the diary section. The next week was blank with a short note for today's entry; two lines reading "skiing! JP" and underneath "Mikey - keys". I looked through to the following week, I had a little chuckle when I saw a note about dinner with her parents followed by a question mark and the initials JP followed by another one.

Three days after getting back Amanda had an appointment booked in with my company. I knew that we had an existing cleaning contract so it looked like Amanda was touting for business. We hardly ever discussed work so I wasn't surprised that she hadn't told me. Amanda would be meeting Grahame Tucker the Head of Operations where I worked. He was a middle aged guy, a bit on the chubby side and receding badly. I wondered if he would fall for Amanda's sales pitch.

I closed the diary and noticed a few business cards tucked into the end flap of the Filofax. These introduced Amanda Stubbs, Account Executive for Holden Cleaning Services. I knew Amanda used a separate mobile for work and a glance around found it on charge on the breakfast bar. I went and retrieved my own mobile from my hoody's pocket and dialled 'Amanda Work'. It was set to silent and I watched it vibrate across the worktop surface as I listened to the beep of the dialler. After five rings it picked up:

"Hello, you're through to Amanda Stubbs at HCS. I'm sorry I can't take your call right now. Please leave your name, number and a message and I will call you right back. Thanks for calling. Bye!"

I dialled the number and listened again to Amanda's voice. I did it again, but this time from the landline so I could use the voice recorder on my own mobile. When the message had finished I clicked off the recorder and rewound to the start. I pressed play:

"Hello.." I hit stop and rewound and play again.

"Hello" Amanda's voice amplified through the speaker.


"Hello" I repeated

Stop, rewind, play, stop, rewind, play. Listen and repeat, listen and repeat. And then the same for "Amanda Stubbs" until after an hour I was back in front of the mirror offering a limped female handshake to the mirror and saying:

"Hello I'm Amanda Stubbs"

"Hello I'm Amanda"

"Hello Amanda speaking"

With shaky hands I sat on the bed and picked up Amanda's mobile. I found Grahame Tucker's email address in her contacts and began typing an email:

'Hi Grahame,

Hope you're well?

I know we have a meeting booked in already but I have had a meeting postpone this morning and as I'm going to be in the area was wondering if I could pop in to see you for an initial chat?

Please give me a call if that's good for you.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Amanda Stubbs'

I hit send, put the mobile on the bed and waited. About twenty minutes later I heard the mobile vibrating on the bed. I looked at the screen; Grahame Tucker. I clicked the call button and put the phone to my ear.

"Hello? Amanda speaking"

"Amanda its Grahame Tucker"

"Hello Grahame. Thank you for calling"

"About meeting this morning. You're in luck I can see you about eleven thirty" Two hours from now.

"Thank you Grahame. I will see you then"

"OK see you at eleven thirty"

"Thank you. Bye!"

I couldn’t quite believe what I had just done. Not only had I impersonated my friend on the telephone with one of my employers I was now planning to meet him and try and pull off the impersonation in person.

The next hour flew by as I debated emailing to cancel, calling to cancel, fleeing the country, changing into a skirt and higher heels and getting Amanda's work stuff together. One thing I realised I ought to have done was paint my nails so I had a stab at filing them and then gave them a quick coat of black polish. I decided to stick with the top I had on but decided to change into a black pinstripe skirt suit from Next. The jacket style was similar, narrow at the waist with a single button. The skirt was just above knee length with a small spilt at the rear so I would have to wiggle too much. Happy with the way it looked I took it off again as I was going to need to put some tights on. I stood at the dresser in heart design ankle socks and black knickers as I decided what tights would be best. I decided on black semi opaques and sat down on the bed drawing up one knee at at time so I could work them onto my toes before standing up to pull the tights up.

I had a look under the bed and pulled out a few pairs of shoes before putting on the skirt again. I decided to wear the black patent T Bar shoes I had looked at earlier. They had a three inch heel and the effect of the higher heels, tight skirt and tights felt amazing and that was reinforced when I looked in the mirror. Now I looked like a girl who meant business. The pin stripe suit was much sexier and my legs looked slim in tights and a nice girlish looking ankle in the high heels. Amanda would certainly be showing Grahame lots of leg to try and win this contract and when I sat down the effect was more pronounced as the skirt rode up to reveal shapely thighs.

While all of this was going on I kept practicing my Amanda impersonation. I figured the first few sentences would be key to passing myself off as her so I placed great emphasis on saying "Hello Amanda Stubbs" over and over until I felt I had the pitch and inflection right. I knew it would take about half an hour to get to the appointment so I grabbed Amanda's handbag and a tote containing her paperwork and with a final check of hair, make up and that I had no bumps in the wrong places I grabbed her car keys and headed for the door.

Locking the door behind me I heard the first click of my heel on the tiled floor on the the landing. The sound echoed down the stair well as I carefully made my way down. I stopped to check if there was any post and then went across to where Amanda parked her Mini. My heels clicked across the tarmac and I felt the wind around my legs and up my skirt. As I unlocked the car I realised that I couldn't jump in like I would in trousers. The skirt required me to get in bum first and then swing my legs in after me, being careful to keep my legs together in case I flashed my underwear. As we were the same height I didn't need to adjust the seat or mirror so setting my bags down in the passenger footwell I started the Mini's engine and checked the mirrors before reversing out of the parking space.

Although I was certain Amanda's neighbours wouldn't know she was away I hoped I didn't see any of them as I drove out of the car park. I felt pretty confident that no one would do a double take thanks to my impersonation but I didn't want someone flagging me down for a chat either. Fortunately I didn't see anyone and was able to concentrate on driving a car for the first time in ages as well as my first time driving in high heels. I couldn't resist checking my makeup in the mirror when I stopped at a set of traffic lights and I enjoyed giving a van driver a flirtatious wave when he let me out of a junction. Amanda's Mini was a perfect girly car and I turned up the volume on every girly song that played on the radio like Adele or Pink.

When I got to the Distribution Centre where I worked I parked the Mini in one of the visitors spaces near the offices and reception. Flipping down the sun visor I checked my make up once more and re applied some lip gloss. I re touched 'Amanda's' beauty spot too as I felt this reinforced the illusion that I was my friend and that she was here now and not hundreds of miles away in a ski resort. I gave myself a little spritz of perfume and then opened the door and swung my nylon clad legs out. Putting the tote bag over my shoulder and looping the handbag over the crook of my arm I concentrated on walking like a woman, my high heels clicking across the car park.

The front of the building was a large glass atrium. I hadn't been through this entrance very often and I felt a blast of air con as the automatic doors swished open. My heels sounded really loud on the tiled floor and the receptionist who I recognised as a middle aged woman called Connie looked up and watched me walk over. I wondered if she had figured out I wasn't female but she just smiled and said "Can I help you?"

"Hello.. Amanda Stubbs.. For Grahame Tucker"

Connie nodded towards the seating area over my right shoulder.

"Take a seat"

I did as I was told. I set the tote down on the floor and my handbag on the low table in front of the chairs. I sat down carefully, keeping my legs together and bending at the knees to sit down. I perched on the edge of the seat with my back straight and my hands folded neatly in my lap. I looked at Connie who smiled at me and said that Grahame would be down shortly. I thanked her and did another quick make up check before organising a notepad and some pens.

When Grahame Tucker came into the reception area and I stood up to greet him I saw him sneak a once over. He leered appreciatively at the young woman in front of him in her pencil skirt and high heels. I fixed him a big smile and held out a limp female hand.

"You must be Amanda"

"Hello... Yes I'm Amanda Stubbs"

"Come through... Come through" Grahame showed me through the door to the offices beyond.

When we got to his office Grahame, playing the perfect gentlemen, showed my through the door. There were a couple of chairs opposite the desk and he offered one to me while getting into his own high backed chair behind the broad table top. I sat down carefully again but this time crossed my legs slowly my tights sounding delicious as they rubbed together. I could see Grahame getting an eyeful of my shapely pins and gave him another big smile for his trouble.

"Thank you so much for fitting me in today" I purred

"No problem Amanda. I'm very interested in what you have to propose"

I lent forward and picked a sheaf of paper from the tote. I didn't exactly have a cleavage to show but I'm pretty certain Grahame was going to try and have a look anyway.

"Well I'm hoping I can persuade you to come over to us when you next review your cleaning"

"We aren't due to review that for a while yet Amanda, but if you can offer something new I'm sure we would be prepared to consider it"

The papers on my lap were complete nonsense to me but I made a show of looking at them for a few moments and then looking Grahame in the eye.

"I am sure we can beat your current quote by 10%"

"Really? That's quite a promise. What happens if my current contractor says they will match your offer"

"I'm sure I can come up with something to make you consider going with me"

Grahame looked like the cat that had the cream. I smiled back at him and re crossed my legs. Grahame promised to give the offer "serious consideration". I stood up and gave him Amanda's card and said that I " hoped he would" and to "call me if he needed any more information". I probably hadn't been in the room more than 5 or 10 minutes but Grahame looked pretty hot under the collar. I thanked Connie as I left and walked back to the Mini. I was pretty certain that Grahame Tucker was watching me so I made a great show of flashing my legs as I got into the car. I was back at Amanda's flat twenty minutes later.

Once I was inside again I looked the door behind me and took off my high heels. I wasn't used to having my toes stuffed into a pointed toe and I rubbed my feet through the tights after kicking my shoes off. I took off the suit jacket and went into the bedroom. In the mirror I could see my impersonation had stood up quite well, my hair and make up still looked passable and the little touches like the beauty spot and necklace really helped me feel believe i was looking at my friend rather than my reflection.

I decided to change out of the workwear but I kept on the bra and knickers to maintain my feminine shape. Soon I was back in Amanda's bathrobe and fluffy socks and getting stuck into another chapter of her book. I was sat on the bed and when the phone rang I rolled over to retrieve it from the bedside table. I could feel my false breasts under me as I looked at the caller ID. It was Grahame Tucker. I picked up.

"Hello? Amanda speaking"

"Amanda it's Grahame Tucker"

"Hello Grahame.. Thank you for calling"

"No problem. I'm really interested in your proposal"

"Great. I hoped I would get your attention"

"You certainly did. I was hoping we could discuss it further.. Perhaps over dinner this evening"

"That would be lovely. Thank you"

"If you could let me have your address I could pick up around seven"

I said I would email it over and we hung up. If I wanted confirmation I was convincing in Amanda's shoes this was it. Grahame was a married man but having a 28 year old leggy brunette in his office had turned his head and 'she' was only too willing to play along. I looked over at the wardrobes and wondered what I would wear for my dinner date. Amanda was pretty good at putting on the style and often wore something short and sexy when we had a night out. She had loads of dresses. I knew that much from our nights out where it was rare for me to see the same dress twice. She had a habit of shopping more when she was between boyfriends, I imagined as some kind of displacement therapy. I swung my legs off the bed and went over to the wardrobe containing Amanda's partywear.

There were probably twenty to thirty dresses of various different designs and colours but all sharing a fairly common length, i.e. short. Self consciously I stroked my legs too check if they were still smooth. They still felt soft after this mornings shave and moisturising but I resolved to do them again before getting dressed for the date. There were so many dresses to choose from but I discounted the backless, strapless and off the shoulder styles as impractical for my sock stuffed bust line. In the end there was an obvious choice. The lacy dress with the flesh coloured lining made perfect sense. I knew Amanda looked hot in it so it made sense that it would probably have a similar effect on me dressed as her.

The next thing was underwear. I resolved to go for something a bit more sexy and pulled out various matching bra and knicker sets from the dresser and laid them on the bed. I loved the little bows and diamanté details on them and how they looked on me when tucked or padded out in the right places. I stood in front of the mirror on tip toes to give the illusion of wearing heels and imagined the effect of this sexy lingerie on a red blooded male. How many times had I wondered what Amanda would look like in her underwear; well now I knew.

I eventually settled on a set in leopard print with black lace trim. The knickers were fairly high cut but not so skimpy as a g string which definitely didn't work with my tucked cock. The bra was a wonderbra style and I marvelled at how I could pull my own chest into a small cleavage by stuffing part of the cups with tights. I emphasised my cleavage with a bit of blusher and around the curve of each 'breast' before posing again in front of the mirror. Amanda had a suspender belt and a few pairs of stockings including hold ups but I decided to keep up the illusion of nudity under the dress by wearing a pair of shiny nude tights. Anyone seeing up my skirt would still see my sexy knickers and imagine the delights inside. I had a look through Amanda's jewellery box and found some suitably dressy earrings and a choker. Finally I dug out a black clutch bag to carry my make up and other feminine essentials.

I amused myself trying on Amanda's shoe and boot collection that afternoon before getting ready for dinner. Amanda had loads of shoes and I even got around to slipping on the leopard print ballet pumps. I did the entire spectrum from pink flip flops to platform sandals. I found an older pair of Ugg style boots that I tried along with a pair of knee length black suede high heeled boots. By about five I could hear people beginning to arrive back from work at the flats and decided I should try and get ready.

I had a hot shower and re shaved my legs, body and under arms. After moisturising my body I sprayed Amanda's deodorant and then perfume on my naked body. I put on the knickers and tucked everything out of the way, reaching my hand down to feel my flat profile and marvelling at the fabulous feel of the material. I had removed my make up from earlier and cleansed and toned after shaving and then began to put Amanda's 'face' back on. Once again I used photos from around the flat to capture the sort of look that she went for on a night out. I used more dramatic eye make up while re doing the blusher and highlighter to replicate Amanda's cheeks and re did her beauty spot.

Satisfied I began to get dressed. Starting with the bra I re did my 'cleavage' complete with blushed outlined 'breasts'. Next came the tights which felt so nice on my freshly shaved legs. They looked amazing reflecting in the light and completely drawing attention to my long legs. I knew they would look even better once I had my heels on. Putting on the lacy dress was even better as it clung to me in all of the right places while showing off loads of leg.

I had a put a few pairs of shoes to try on from some strappy sandals to a pair of black wedges but ended up putting on a pair of shoe boots with a slight platform and a very high 4” stilleto heel. They felt amazing on and I couldn’t wait to see the how I looked in the mirror. After I had added the finishing touches of jewellery; adding to drop earrings and choker with a simple bracelet I put my wig back on. A few spritzs of perfume and I was ready for the big reveal.

I caught my breath even more than this morning as I looked at myself. How many times had I seen Amanda dolled up like this for a night out. I had even fantasised about being with her. But now I was her from the long auburn tresses to the spike heels and long legs I looked like a real good time girl. I busied myself packing my clutch bag with make up, perfume and other essentials keeping an eye on the time.

At seven on the dot I heard the intercom go. I panicked for a second in case it was someone else and was almost tempted to not answer. The intercom buzzing again brought me round quickly. I picked up the phone.


“It’s Grahame”

“Oh Hi Grahame. I will be right down”

I did a few last minute checks and then settling a pashmina around my shoulders I locked the flat behind me and walked carefully downstairs. My heels were a different proposition to even the 3” ones I had worn earlier and I made sure I used the hand rail to steady myself as I went.

Grahame was back in his car when I got downstairs. I walked slowly over giving a real wiggle for his benefit. He reached over and opened the door of the Jaguar for me. I went in bum first giving him a real eyeful as I swung my legs in the leather seat squeaking under my lace. I looked over and smiled as I rearranged my pashmina and set my clutch bag in my lap.


“Amanda you look amazing” He was still in his suit from earlier; probably told his wife he was working late.

“Thank you. I wanted to make the effort”

The big Jaguar purred out of the car park and we were soon heading for the outskirts of town.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked coyly.

“Nice hotel and restaurant near Uckfield” I knew where he meant. It looked very upmarket. I would never have dreamt of setting foot in there unless I was dressed like this.


We made a little bit of small talk on the way there but I could tell Grahame was nervous at being with this apparently sexy young woman next to him who couldn’t help moving her legs up and down as she relaxed in the luxury car. When we got to the hotel I acted the independent woman by letting myself out but allowed Grahame to help me adjust my pashmina for the short walk to the entrance. I noticed that even in the heels he was a few inches taller than me. The ground was a little unsteady and I giggled as I hooked my arm though his and trilled about wearing such ‘silly shoes’.

We were shown to a corner table. I imagined that Grahame had called ahead and asked for a disrete table for a business dinner although the look I got from the maitre’d suggested he thought it was nothing of the sort. I enjoyed having my chair pulled out for me and I set my clutch on the table while my pashmina was taken to the cloak room.

I wasn’t that sure about what to eat; KFC was more my style but it seemed safe to order salad to start and then a fish main course. Grahame ordered wine and proceeded to top my glass up when it arrived.

“I hope you’re not trying to get me tipsy for a better deal” I mock admonished him. He blushed and demurred at the suggestion.

Dinner went well I asked the kind of questions that allowed Grahame to do all the talking while I listened with my chin on my hand appearing to be rapt in attention. By the time we got to coffees we had been there two hours and Grahame was making a big show about how much he wanted me to have the contract. Of course he would have to persuade the other board members.

I rested my shoe against his ankle and moved it back and forth slowly.

“Is there anything I can do to help you make up your mind” Grahame didn’t know where to look.

We walked slowly back to the car. I was holding on to him again and as we approached the Jaguar I pretended to lose my footing.

“Ooh” I giggled “I told you not to get me tipsy”. Grahame steadied me and I allowed myself to turn into his arms. I pushed my hips into him and felt him stiffening. I looked up into his eyes expectantly. Grahame looked down at me and then kissed me, hard on the lips. I responded opening my mouth and letting his tongue explore.

We stood there kissing for a while. I rubbed his crotch with my knee and heard him moan with excitement.

“Lets get in the car” I said

Inside the Jaguar I let him get the whole eyeful again and he was on me immiediately running his hand along my legs. I pulled my knee back to stop him going the whole way and discovering something he shouldn’t. but with that his hand was under me and rubbing along the base of my thighs towards my knickers.

“Not too far now big boy”

“SS..Sorry... you’re just so sexy” His face was buried in my neck kissing me. I sat up a bit and pushed him back off me. He looked confused. I pushed him back over to his seat and smiled to reassure him. My hand was on his leg and moving towards the bulge in his trousers.

“Maybe I can persuade you like this” I purred.

I began to rub his hard cock through the trousers while looking in his eyes and smiling at him. After a while I unzipped and pulled him out. At this Grahame moaned appreciatively and I reached over and tilted his seat back using the electric controls. I began to stroke his cock, gently and then a harder tug and then gently again.

“You are so good”

“Thank you” I smiled back.

I really wanted to make him cum. The realisation hit me that it would be the ultimate affirmation of my impersonation of Amanda if I could make a man feel really turned on. I was loving the attention and loving wearing the clothes. I had been so jealous when she said she was going away but now I was living her life, more than that I was Amanda now. I felt Grahame’s cock pulse and gave it a last squeeze as he shot his load. He would have some explaining to do now with that stuff on his suit.

‘Amanda you are such a bad girl!’ I thought to myself and smiled.

To be continued.

The End. (Complete)
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