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It was a couple of years ago. Well almost a couple of years ago. But who cares about exactly when. I was 16, just, and my exams for GCSEs were over. My time at secondary school was over, in September I was moving to the school where my sister had completed her A levels. I was looking forward to a long summer holiday, chilling, playing on the playstation, watching DVDs and not doing much at all. My name is James. And this is what happened when my sister decided she wanted to write an essay to submit with her uni application. She was just about to embark on a gap year before studying psychology at university, but she had not yet applied, and she wanted to stand out from the crowd.

She knew about me dressing up for the likes of halloween for fun etc. and I had worn my girlfriends clothes on the last day of school, but that was it. I never took dressing up in girls clothes seriously, and I never wanted people to believe that I was a girl. Her idea was simple, place me in a school as a girl, a year younger than me for the last few weeks of school, get the school involved in a social experiment and see how things panned out. She approached the school before she approached me, got them on board.

It was a Thursday. I had just got home after spending a few days at the girlfriends house. I got home and went to my room, there were a few Marks & Spencer bags on my bed, but I just thought that perhaps either Mum has bought some things that she wanted to keep out of view of my Dad, or my sister had bought some stuff she wanted to keep hidden from my parents. I just shouted to Lucy to come and get rid of the bags, if they were Mum’s she would just shout that. But she didn’t respond. She was home. I think she was in her bedroom, the room right next door to mine.

Anyway, I turned my TV on and just watched TV for an hour or so, she didn’t come and get the bags so I began to think that perhaps they were Mum’s. Curiosity got the better of me after a while, so I opened up the smallest bag and saw a couple of pairs of black trousers and a couple of packs of white shirts. I figured they were my sisters, and not my Mum’s because the clothing was just too small to be my Mum’s. At the time I had no idea how sizing worked for women, I had never been involved with it, I’d only heard about the size 0 model thing and alike from the press. But lets just put it this way, both myself and Lucy took after our Dad’s small frame, we weren’t particularly a tall family either, anyway, I digress.

I left the bags there and went out to meet up with some mates. After hanging out for a couple of hours, kicking a football around, I headed home. Both my parents were away at a funeral that day, they wouldn’t get back until late, so it was up to me to feed myself. I got back home and Lucy was in the kitchen, cooking far too much food for just her. She explained how she was going to cook for both of us. I thought that was weird at the time, but now it makes perfect sense. She wanted me on her side, and she knew that through my stomach would be the best way to do it.

Dinner was delicious, far better than I was expecting. I helped Lucy clean up and went back to my room. Expecting the shopping that was in my room to be gone, I turned on the playstation and played some Call of Duty. I had barely started the first game when Lucy came into my room and stood in front of the tele.

“I have something I want your help with” she said, her hands on her hips. She looked like a strong willed business woman stood there, dominant, powerful. I’d never seen her like this, perhaps it was the fact she wasn’t wearing jeans and a t-shirt like normal, but the suit trousers and shirt really made her look powerful. “I want to write an essay to send with my uni apps, I want it to be a social experiment on peoples perceptions and believes. I want to put a goat amongst sheep and make the flock believe the goat is in fact a sheep”.

“Are you crazy?” I shouted, “What the bloody hell are you talking about?”

She grabbed the bag that I hadn’t looked in, grabbed something out of it and chucked it at me. “Put it on” she demanded. No emotion in her eye, no joy or anything. A command. Do it. Get on with it.

“What the hell? It’s a skirt. What do you want me to put a skirt on for?” I questioned, throwing it back at her.

She took a different angle with everything now. She sat on the bed, the skirt in her left hand, the bag in her right. “Look, James, I want to stand out from the crowd” she explained, “I want to hand in an essay that makes me seem like the best student the uni could possibly have.”

“You want me to wear a skirt, and that’s going to get a uni thinking that you are the best of the best?” I said, my voice still raised, I sounded girly looking back at it, I was hardly the manliest of men, remember I was only 16! But yea, I think she took a liking to the fact that I had a high pitched voice because she smiled. I cleared my throat and continued in a deeper, forced tone, “I don’t see how me wearing girls clothes, and a school uniform at that, is going to help you write an essay.”

“It’s simple. I’m going to put you into a school. As a girl”, she smiled.

“ARE YOU INSANE?” I shouted, again, quite a high pitched voice. I just looked at her, dumb founded.

“No. It’s simple. I transform you into a girl, a believable one. You start school 3 weeks before the end of term, so in two weeks time, I record everything on this”, she got out a dictaphone with what looked like a single headphone. “And I write an essay on how your personality changes around a different social group in those 3 weeks and how people react to you. You will look, act, walk and talk like any normal 15 year old girl.”

“You are insane. There is no way that I would pass, even if I did agree” I replied. There was a familiar knock on the front door. I went and answered it, leaving Lucy in my room. Probably the biggest mistake of the day. Things may have turned out differently.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw Beth at the door, she always knocked a door in the same way. Sorry, Beth was my girlfriend at the time. “What is it you wanted to talk about?” she asked.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” I questioned, and then Lucy ran down the stairs.

“Hey Beth, sorry, I sent the text from James’ phone. I want your opinion on something, and if you agree then I could really do with your help”, Lucy explained.

I went to my room, hoping that Lucy would have just given up, but no. Laid out on my bed was a white shirt, ¾ length sleeves, a black skirt, it was a fashionable drop waist pleated skirt, a pack of tights, a pair of black shoes, a black jumper with the secondary school in the neighbouring town’s logo and a tie, also belonging to the “other” secondary school.

“LUCY” I shouted. “I SAID NO”.

Lucy and Beth were already in my doorway as I turned around shouting. I didn’t have a clue what to do. They both looked at me. “Come on babe, we know you can do it, just a little bit of effort and you’d look great. I’m right behind you, besides it’s to help Lucy get into a good uni. Surely you want to get rid of her sooner than later” Beth exclaimed. For some reason it made perfect sense, the better the uni Lucy went the better a job she would get, the better a chance at her not coming home as often would be.

“I’ll put the uniform on.” I said.

“Good! Thank you! I have a wig for you too, and I have bought some light makeup to start with too.” Lucy said as she left the room. I thought I would be able to get out of the experiment she had planned if I just simply dressed up.

Beth got everything out of the bags, there was a black bra, black lace knickers and other things. Turns out two of those “other things” were breast forms. It appeared that Lucy had planned this too well on a whim that the school would accept a boy in drag as a student, and she must have been convinced that I would agree. Oh how wrong she was.

“Take your top off J” said Beth, with a smile on her face.

I obliged, who wouldn’t take their top off if their pretty girlfriend told them too? She grabbed the bra and asked me to turn around. She put bra on and did it up. I turned around and just looked at her. It was uncomfortable and felt really weird, it was hanging off my chest. What the hell was the point in wearing a bra? I didn’t have boobs! That’s when she grabbed the rubbery “things” and put one in each cup of the bra, they were cold on my skin but the bra felt less uncomfortable now. Not that it was comfortable, but you get my point.
She chucked me the shirt and said “You can handle a shirt right?”, smiling. Could I heck! The buttons were the wrong way around, but the hell was that all about? A minute or so later I had the shirt buttoned up, what was really weird was how well it fit my body, it hugged my waist and arms, it was tight against my “breasts” but not to a point where the shirt looked too small. It was weird how well Lucy had managed to get everything fitting perfectly so far.

“Got that much right then” said Lucy as she walked back into my room with a vanity bag on her hip, it was a pretty big one, and a bag of a few other things in, I could see a wig in the top of the bag. She smiled and sat on the chair next to my desk. “Don’t worry about putting the knickers on, you will need to get used to hiding a bulge 4 out of 5 school days so you have a couple of weeks to get used to them. Put the tights and skirt on.”

I took my jeans and socks off. I’d worn a skirt before, so the feeling was going to be the same, only the last time I wore a skirt I ended up having sex with my girlfriend whilst wearing it, but the last time I didn’t have the chest of a 15 year old girl! I put a hole in the first pair of tights I got my hands on so Beth helped me put them on, her touching my leg excited me but I couldn’t tell if it was the feeling of tights or the feeling of her gentle touch on my skin.

I didn’t want to get my growing bulge seen by my sister so I put the skirt on pretty quick and sat back down on the bed. “There she is” said Lucy, with a smile on her face. “You know you have great legs! And quite a cute figure. Now, let’s get a little makeup on you and this wig and see how passable you are. If you still look like a boy then I was wrong, I’ll take the clothes back and we can forget this ever happened”

I was jumping for joy inside, I knew then that I would not be doing her stupid experiment.

We moved to Lucy’s room, she brought everything with her, she wanted me to see the transformation take place rather than just do the makeup then put a small mirror in front of me. She started off with foundation, it didn’t even look like there was anything on my face to start with. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She put a little bit of blusher on so now my cheeks looked a little redder than before. No major difference really, clearer skin and redder cheeks, big deal. Then came the eye liner and mascara. Now I looked weird. My eyes looked bigger, bluer than before. And finally Beth put some lip gloss on my lips.

“I didn’t think they allowed this makeup at school?” I asked.

“They don’t. But if you look like a girl now then we can dumb the makeup down a little and still achieve it, besides, the only thing they will not allow is the lip gloss, every girl wears this amount of makeup to school now anyway.” Beth said, clearly she was enjoying the fact that I was just powerless.

The wig was next, it was blonde, fairly long, but not overly. I asked if it was real hair, it was, Lucy had bought it for herself a couple of years back for New Years Eve, I remember it quite well. My new blonde hair was perfectly straight. But Lucy wanted to make me “cute”, as she called it. First she put it in a low pony tail, then a high pony tail. Neither looked anything special. Then she went for standard cliche schoolgirl hair, pigtails. I hardly recognised myself looking back at in the mirror.

In fact, there was a pretty girl sat where I was sat. She had blonde hair, big blue eyes, and looked really cute. I guess that is when my opinion of the whole thing started to change.

“Get used to the clothes, let me know if you still don’t want to do it tomorrow. Mum called when you were out, her and Dad are staying over at a Travelodge for the night so won’t be back until tomorrow evening now. So you have no fear of them ‘catching’ you like this. Go have some fun, watch tele, walk about in the flats. If you want put the knickers on, but you will need to put the gaff on - it’s the ‘weird’ looking thong type thing, it’ll hide your bits. If you could try the trousers on, they should be tight on your ass and crotch but not overly tight anywhere else. That is if I have bought the right size for you.” Lucy said, with a smile on her face.

I stood up and she sprayed me with perfume. Now not only did I look like a 15 year old girl, I now smelt like one. Beth appeared to be enjoying this more than I was.

Beth and I went back to my room. “You have a wiggle in your walk” Beth said, slightly giggling as I walked in front of her.

“What?” I asked.

“You wiggle like a girl when you walk. Your skirt moves just like it would if I was wearing it. Only I naturally walk like that. I’ve never noticed you walk like that before. It’s cute” she said, smiling, she put her hands on my waist and kissed my lip gloss coated lips lightly. She playfully pushed me back, turned me around, slapped my ass and walked into my room in front of me, playfully turning around with a grin on her face.

It felt weird. I stood there. In my doorway, I looked down the hallway at the mirror at the end. All I saw looking back as a cute blonde schoolgirl. That was when I started to change my mind about this even more.

“James, are you going to stand there all night checking yourself out?” Beth shouted from my room. I didn’t respond to start with, I was mesmerised by my reflection. “JAMES!” She shouted.

I jumped and walked straight into my room. She was sat on my bed. Her hands in her lap. With a smile on her face. “I can’t get over how cute you are, what shall we do?” she asked.

I shrugged and sat next to her, I hadn’t felt nervous around Beth since I can remember, I have always felt comfortable in her presence, but now I was shaking when she put her hand on my knee. “Shall I dress up too? We could role play?” she suggested. I had never done role play before. But I agreed, I figured the night couldn’t get much more weird.

Beth grabbed her bag and vanished. She came back about 5 minutes later, she was wearing similar to me, only her skirt wasn’t pleated, and she wasn’t wearing tights. And her shirt was short sleeved. But that’s not the point. I hadn’t seen Beth in school uniform for weeks, ever since before exams started over a month prior to this. I always loved it when she wore a skirt to school, it was not her preferred attire, she chose to wear tight trousers. But in a skirt, she always got me hot.

My phone went off. “Beth looks cute, you need to come up with a girls name babe.” the message from Lucy shocked me. She wanted me to enjoy this, she wanted me to get this in my head to be a good thing.

“Lucy just text me, she wants” I started saying.

“To come up with a girls name” Beth interupted, “I know, she told me earlier. I have been thinking. I was going to suggest Jenny, but actually I think Jess would suit you more. It’s more flirty, and looking like that you could break any guys heart”

I felt hot. Not heat hot. I felt gorgeous. I felt girly. As soon as she said I would break any guys heart things seemed to click, I felt comfortable as Jess.

“Jess is fine” I said, she looked at me funnily.

“You don’t sound like a Jess.” She turned around and bent over, getting something out of her bag. She turned around and a flash went off. I was not expecting to have a photo taken of me like this. “You need to sort your” the flash went off again “voice out if you are going to go ahead with his”

“Jess is fine” I said, in a higher pitch than before. Beth looked at me, threw her camera back into the bag and walked up to me. She grabbed my hands and pulled me off the bed. She put her hands on my skirt clad ass as I stood up and held me close. I held her around her waist, not noticing how I was stood I looked at her and smiled.

“Am I really going to be able to pass as a girl for 3 weeks? I’ve never played hockey before, or netball or whatever else you girls do in PE. I have no idea on any of that side of it. What if a boy gets a crush on me? What if someone finds out?” I let go of her and crossed my arms, she took a step back and looked me up and down.

“You are standing like a girl you fool. You are already acting like a girl. You are minicking every thing you have ever seen a girl do. It’s fascinating. But I don’t care about that. I’m here, you’re here. I love you so much. And I want to have some fun with my new girlfriend Jess” she said so strongly.

I kissed her softly on the lips “I love you too baby”.

Chapter End Notes:

This is my first time writing any form of fiction. Hope you like

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