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While Aaron had no intention to waste his holiday, he knew it would be a struggle to get out of bed. The summer sun was glaring through his window which brought the temperature of his room up to a prefect condition to laze around in bed for at least a few more hours.

In despite of this, Aaron needed to get up, and after a couple of failed attempts, he finally managed to do so. Yawning at his mirror, he saw that his hair was greasy and was sticking out at random directions. I guess I should start with a shower, he thought.

It didn't appear that either of sisters had gotten up yet which was good since when they used the shower, they spent far longer than needed. Walking to the bathroom, it seemed that Maryanne hadn't gotten up either. He got a good feeling out of being the first one up for a change. Usually, he was the last.

He turned on the nozzle and got it to his preferred heat. Just like his bed, he found it hard to leave, but after about thirty minutes, his stomach groaned telling him that it was time for breakfast. He dried himself off with a towel and wrapped it around his waist. Picking up his pyjamas and placing the bath mat back on its rack, he proceeded back to his room.

He passed Rachel in the hallway carrying her washing basket.

'I'm putting a load of washing on. Give me your pyjamas and I'll put them in.' she said.

'Thanks.' he replied passing them to her.

While Rachel, being the oldest, always felt that it was her duty to be the mature one, helping him with even the smallest things was kind of unusual for her. Like most sisters, she would prefer to make his life miserable. Aaron figured that she must be trying to leave a good impression on Maryanne.

Once he had reached his room, he closed the door behind him to get changed. Almost immediately, Rachel knocked and said, 'Hey, I might as well take your towel too.'

He removed it from around his waist and passed it through the crack in the door. Taking it, she said in a happy tone, 'Thanks. Oh, and hurry down. Maryanne's making pikelets for breakfast.' She then skipped joyfully down the hallway.

Aaron's mouth started to water. None of them had had pikelets for a long time and they were always considered a treat in this household. Usually their breakfast was just plain old cereal with milk. Once again, it was going to be a great holiday, he thought.

Hurrying to get dressed, he grabbed some underwear from his bedside cabinet, put it on, and opened his wardrobe for the rest of the his clothes.

Aaron stopped dead.

It took him a moment to register what he was looking at, but he realized that all his clothes were missing and in their place were a large number of girls' dresses!

Immediately, the discussion from yesterday suddenly filled his head and a dreadful chill came over him. This was his punishment! It would also explain Rachel's unusual behaviour. Suddenly, Aaron realized he had been tricked and was now practically trapped! He felt like screaming! Not only due to what he felt was unfair punishment, but because they had gotten the better of him!

He absolutely refused to wear a dress! He would rather spend all day in his room then to go ahead with this. Unfortunately, his punishment was meant for a week and he wasn't willing to waste an entire week of his holiday either.

Both infuriated and fearful, he promptly started searching his room. While Aaron wasn't a very messy boy, he was sure that he must have something lying around that he could wear. Usually he would have something in his washing basket, but he discovered that someone had already beaten him to it. He then looked under his bed, behind his furniture, in his drawers, and every other corner of his room. But alas, after eight minutes of searching, he couldn't find anything.

Knock, knock, knock.

'Aaron, are you coming out?' It was Jane. The suddenness of her knocking gave Aaron quite a fright.

'Where are my clothes?!' he replied furiously.

'They're in your wardrobe.' she cheekily responded. 'Anyway, your pikelets are getting cold. If you don't come out, we'll have them.'

'I'm not leaving this room until I get my clothes back! Bring th–'

'Fine.' she said cutting him off and marching back to the kitchen.

Now enraged to the verge of swearing, Aaron stormed over to his bed and laid down on it. He turned his head towards his open wardrobe. There is no way in hell I'm going to wear any of that, he thought.

For the next twenty minutes, he stared at the ceiling thinking up a way to get out of this. He was quite certain that if he spent the whole day in his room, Maryanne would have to bring him his clothes back in order to get him to come out. She was his sitter and she surely couldn't let him stay in his room for that long. At the very least, not without food.

This meant that the next step was passing the time. At this moment, Aaron would usually be eating his breakfast on the couch while watching the Saturday morning cartoons, and he wasn't happy with the thought of spending at least several hours stuck within the confines of his room. He hadn't intended to waste a second of his holiday, but at this point, it felt like he had no other choice.

Although Aaron didn't have a TV in his room, he was fortunate enough to have other means to help him pass the time. He grabbed his Game Boy from out of his drawer and began a game of Pokémon. However, after about an hour of play, his stomach was groaning and although it was a fine summer day, due to him being only in his underwear, he was starting to feel slightly chilly.

He attempted to get back into his bed but he found that the sheets were freezing cold on his bare skin, so he just resumed laying on the top of it where the sun was now just reaching. He glanced towards his only alternative source of heat, the dresses. Immediately, he resumed his game feeling disgusted by what he had just thought.

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