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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2009 Grandma. All rights reserved.

I couldn’t wait to get my breakfast, I’m sure everyone felt the same as we hadn’t eaten anything at all since yesterday. I walked with Francis and Brent to the dining hall and Danielle had decided to sit with the small group of girls that were also here. The numbers had grown since yesterday after I discovered there were also kids from other schools here too. I couldn’t stop staring at Brent as he fiddled around with his new long hair, I mean I was used to it but Brent was practically getting his hands caught in the thing and it had gone all curly. I was still in shock at the strange hair scenario each of us three had had, as all of us now had longer hair than the day before, your hair just doesn’t completely grow over-night y’know.


“How do you guys think this happened anyway?” Brent asked completely entangled in his curly locks.


“What?” Francis asked.


“The hair thing I mean how on Earth does hair grow that quickly!?”




“Uh I don’t know” Francis said.




“I think it had something to do with that ‘relaxation’ thing last night with all of those nips in us, I don’t know something’s up” I said.




“Well can we eat first before we solve the mystery mister ace detective?” Francis asked sarcastically.




I just sighed and walked on. We reached the dining hall and it was packed there was hardly any room for us to sit but we managed to squeeze in beside three guys from another school who like us were having a heated discussion on their new hair. As I looked around I noticed that every single person in the room had long hair. And that was strange it’s not like theres an infection going around that causes people to grow their hair at an unusually quick rate or something.




Francis had been kind enough to go get our breakfasts for us all and we dug in like crazy, we were so hungry we could have eat the bowl and spoon too. Then right behind us stood Susan the Camp Captain, she smiled down at us with our mouths full of cereal and said “Good morning boys I hope you’re having a wonderful breakfast this morning”




“Uh….thanks, its pretty good I guess” I said back and Brent and Francis nodded with me.




“Alrighty then” she turned to face the whole dining hall and she got everyone’s attention.




“Hello this morning angry people I hope your all less angry today, anyway I’ve been overhearing many people talk about the strange situation that our male campers had last night when their hair had grown longer, I’ve just been told by the county ranger that a special kind of air pollen has been causing allergic reactions like this to happen all over the town…..”




“Wait a minute….is she serious?” Francis asked




“Bullshit man!” The whole dining hall shut up right there, the kid sitting next to me from another school had shouted it and was quickly taken out of the hall I guess it was to be told off or something but I agreed with him I just didn’t have the balls to say it when she was like 3ft away from me. After the dining hall fiasco we saw bullshit boy’s buddies run after him outside and we decided to follow, we then saw two women dragging an unconscious kid away; it was BULLSHIT BOY! We all secretly followed BB and his two kidnappers all the way to behind the P.E block of the camp, and was put down there. The two women looked around and then opened a secret door that led to somewhere underground and then they didn’t come out. We all left as soon as possible we didn’t really want to confront these women in case they killed us or something because that was what we thought happened to BB.




Later on that night back in Cabin 6 Danielle noticed how jumpy we all were and asked us about what happened when we ran off as she’d saw. So we told her, at first she didn’t believe us but then we reassured her that we were telling the truth. That whole night was spent pacing the floor wandering what they kept down there or what they did down there. Then we all got really sleepy besides Danielle. Danielle commented on the fact that all of the weird things seemed to happen to the boys because when she was talking to the girls at her table earlier they also said that they didn’t feel any nips during the relaxation session or had any growth in hair. She started to come up with a conspiracy and explain it but we were already sleeping by this point.




That night I had the weirdest dream, I was wearing really big high-heels and trying to walk on them but I kept falling, then Camp Captain Susan helped me up and I looked just like her and acted just like her and then I woke up. What the hell was all that about? I found myself to be the last one up and again I felt weird today I felt my hair to see if it had gotten longer or something but instead I found my skin to be really smooth and soft. Danielle and Brent weren’t there but Francis was staring at the mirror in awe of himself.




“Um Francis what are you do--” I stopped myself right there, my voice was different it was high pitched and slightly feminine it was still a guy’s voice but like a feminine dude’s voice or a manly woman or whatever. Then Francis turned around and looked at me all dopey eyed.




“Hey Ryan have you ever thought that maybe being a guy isn’t all that great”


He said in an even more feminine voice than me.


“What?!!!” I screamed!




“Ah y’know just like do you ever wonder what it would be like if you were a girl sometimes?”




“No, no I do not! And you shouldn’t either!”




I walked over to him and realised that I was shorter, what the hell was happening to me. I decided to hold off my new height, skin and voice for later, I had to snap Francis out of this weird trance like state he was in. So I tried and tried but it seemed to be no use, I tried to talk to him about video games since I was thinking off the top of my head typical guy things to do, what was even weirder than the fact that Francis changed the topic back to the whole being a girl thing I was finding it kind of hard thinking of normal everyday guy activities, I mean why? I was a typical guy who did these things. Then I remembered that Francis had sneaked a porno in and I found my one chance to snap him back into masculinity by showing him pictures of hot chicks!




So I raided his bag and he didn’t object at all, I pulled out the porno which was just your basic deal no hardcore stuff in there or anything it was just your average mag that boys snuck around with. So I tried to find the best looking girl I could and when I finally found her she was in an extremely sexy pose which was making me tingly again only usually it would have more of an effect on me but it didn’t. I showed the picture to Francis and instead of jumping back into boydom he instead commented that the girl’s high heels were cute. I was next to smacking him when Danielle and Brent walked in. I noticed Brent was walking with a limp for some reason, they were both holding packets of things to eat like chocolate and stuff, I had forgotten that the canteen was always open and they sold candy I all of a sudden got a craving for chocolate. It was such a bad craving in fact that I ditched Francis and snatched it from Danielle’s hands. Danielle replied by hitting me playfully on the arm but I just ignored it.




“What’s wrong with you guys?” She asked. “I mean Brent is talking funny and--”




“Hey!” Brent objected but I could here it that his voice was also higher and feminine like me and Francis I just hoped to god he wasn’t acting like Francis. I looked at that chocolate with pure angst and I gobbled it down in a matter of seconds. Danielle looked at me as if I were a pig or something so I quickly cleaned myself up, very thoroughly aswell.




“Sorry Danielle I just had a total craving thing going on there I couldn’t help myself, and yeah I know my voice sounds weird so does Francis’, and there is something really wrong with him he can’t stop talking about being a girl” I said.








“Yeah it’s not that big a deal, so I think it might be a cool thing why not?” Francis defended himself but Danielle was having none of it. Danielle walked over to him and then looked around at me, she told both me and Brent to leave the room and I knew exactly what she was doing. I got jealous though I mean I liked Danielle so why did Francis have to be the one to get a sexy peek?!!! I started thinking he did it on purpose just so she would do what she was doing, however that thought quickly exited my head as I saw many uh ‘happy campers’ walking around acting like girls, their hands were flopping over, they swayed their hips when they walked and talked like me, Francis and Brent.


Me and Brent looked at each other and realised that something was seriously wrong here, guys were acting like girls, we were physically changing, there was an underground lair where people were apparently killed or kept and I suddenly felt like I needed to cry. So I did and Brent joined in. I don’t know why on Earth I was doing it, it just felt like it needed to be let out for some reason.




After that happened Danielle and Francis walked out of the Cabin and invited us back inside. I was still jealous. Francis looked back to normal from what I could see so I guess it did the trick.




“Um Ryan I’m really sorry for acting like that! I just felt really weird” he said embarrassed.




“Yeah I know everyone’s been acting weird today, when me and Brent were outside we noticed that people were acting even worse than you instead of just talking about being a girl they were actually acting like one!”




“I wonder what is happening?” Brent asked.




“Wow you guys are idiots, obviously Susan the Camp Captain and her staff are behind this I mean how can you not piece that together she’s an overly stereotypical house-wife and this whole camp is about changing attitudes and all of the boys are getting girly, don’t you guys see she’s turning you all into girls!” Danielle had just painted the picture for us damn well clear and we had no idea what to do, the first thing we thought of was escaping.




Danielle and I went to the main entrance to find that it was no longer just a dirty road it was now a heavily guarded fence, guarded by women who looked determined to keep everyone in. We walked up to the gate and looked up at one of the women guarding the place; it was strange having to look up now that I was shorter.




“Um excuse me” I said politely.




“Yes mam?” the woman said. I was offended, Danielle giggled a bit and then I bit my tongue and looked up again. She noticed I was a boy now that she had seen my face; despite that though my face was also getting feminine features I could feel it.




“Um why is the place guarded?” I asked.




“This is so no-one intrudes onto Home Acres and so no one can get out”




“Oh I see will we get out soon?”




“You get three trips outside and then once the month is up you go home understood? Now move along kid don’t hang around here too long.”




Me and Danielle retreated back to Cabin 6 and after a long discussion with each other we came to the conclusion that we were prisoners here on Home Acres and that we were slowly becoming females, well all besides Danielle who was already a girl. As this thought entered our head I imagined what it would be like if I do eventually become a girl and what my life would be like. I shuddered at the thought of having a vagina and breasts and having to wear women’s clothes.




It was still morning and according to an announcement earlier on that day we had two exercises planned the first was about dealing with people and the second was about other solutions to lashing out.




The first one this time was at 5 o’clock and up until that point all of us barley talked and whenever we did at least one person would bring up the suggestion of going to the secret door to find out what they have there but we’d always say no to it.




So 5 o’clock came and we all went to the big main hall, I kept a watchful eye out for any weird things going on and as I was looking at the other kids there I wondered if any other Cabins had also came to the same conclusion as us and that we were turning into girls. I also looked across at the line for Cabin 3 and there was BB’s friends. They looked around nervously and one of them met my eyes and just gulped while trying to wave at me, I waved at him back and he turned to face the front. I had nearly forgotten about them, they must have been petrified seeing one of their friends being pulled down a secret entrance I mean I felt really sorry for the guy and I didn’t even know him.


Then Susan stood in front of us where Amy had been yesterday. She had that same stupid and vacant smile on her face and then she began to talk.




“Alright campers today you are going to learn how to deal and talk with people in a polite manner, so you may notice that all of you are lined up by which cabin you’re in each person here will meet the members of other cabins, as each of you will be designated a group of and you will go into that group and the lesson will begin understand?”




So that meant that we would be broken up for the time being, a different woman came up to us and told Danielle, Francis and Brent what group they each had to go to I was last, she told me I was in a special group and she sent me right to the front where I saw 7 other boys sitting on chairs in a semi-circle there was one chair left which had a 6 written on the back of it. So I sat down, they all looked at me strangely it was just like how Francis was looking at me earlier.




I gulped and then she pulled up a seat, it was her Susan the Camp Captain sat down on the staff chair.




“Well hello there kids my name is Susan and I’m going to help you boy out and try to teach you how to be polite around other people that you may not be familiar with” She introduced herself and after that she made us introduce ourselves I was 6th to do so naturally and then the last two guys introduced themselves too. Susan started us off and told us that when meeting new people it is good to get a conversation going that is of mutual interest to either party, she was right I guess but her examples were a little strange as instead of any normal thing like the news, media, what was going on in the world she picked clothes, shopping and romantic movies. When I thought about it Danielle must have been cringing since no doubt her staff member would be saying similar things and she would feel that her options were demeaning and insulting and I totally agreed, Susan was a stereo-typical house-wife and was trying to enforce the nature of that type of person on not just the females but boys aswell!




So for our first exercise we went around the circle and say who we were and what we liked to do and a little bit about our lives. “Fair enough” I thought to myself, I had done this sort of thing before most people have in school and things. So the guy from cabin one whose name was Chris told us who he was and then said that his hobbies included 1. Going out with his friends (normal enough) 2.Buying things to make him look better (um…okay) and 3.Doing his friend’s hair (okay…..WHAT?!!!) that isn’t a normal thing for boys to do! All of the other boys if I could call them that smiled as he said the last one, I shivered a bit I found it chilling. As we went through the circle all of the boys gave similar answers to Chris and then it was my turn. I was a little startled when it was my turn and I began to speak.




“Uh I’m Ryan”




“Hi Ryan!” the whole group including Susan shouted at me.




“Yeah hi, I uh I like to play video games and um watch movies and stuff, that’s about it really”




Susan looked at me strangely and then waited for some of the boys to reply, they just kind of nodded and looked away just as I would react if I had heard girl’s describe their hobbies, not pay much attention because I didn’t care so I was the odd one out at the moment.




“And tell us a little about yourself Ryan” Susan asked.




“Oh yeah, I uh I uh…..I have a cat called Misty she’s a white….cat, um I live with my Aunt Liz because my parents died a year ago….” I said hoping for some sort of reply.




Then all of them crowded around me and began to pat me on the back and ask me like a million times if I was alright, I was fine to be honest I realised that this was the mothering instinct in them kicking in Susan smiled as she saw the boy’s reaction. I didn’t like that smile at all……….

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