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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 200 Grandma. All rights reserved.

As we went down the stairs we were extremely lucky to find no-one else in the very brightly lit hallway. Aswell as that the walls were bright pink and some parts had white flowers on it. Well I’m so glad they didn’t forget about female clichés! I thought.


Me and Francis made our way down the long hall and there were a lot of rooms at the sides of us, each was a bedroom with a small window and each bedroom was very girly and feminine. I looked upwards and saw a sign that said “Staff Quarters” and we walked on. We didn’t know what we were looking for and so we decided to split up which I guess wasn’t the best idea ever but it’s not like we were genius’ or anything we just wanted to find our friend and get out of there. I went down a hallway leading to the left and Francis went to the opposite one, we waved at each other and gave each other a worried smile as we parted each other. I gulped as I found myself on my own. There was surprisingly not to many staff walking around I guess this was because it was dinner time and they were all at the dining hall but I thought there would be more. There were some there though and I had to sneak past some of them which was pretty difficult. I was constantly thinking about how Francis was doing, and I worried for my own safety also. I then saw two double doors on my right which seemed to lead into a white room. That was all I could see from the small windows. I could also smell a very, very strong perfume which smelled amazing. It was intoxicating and I found myself following it against my will.




I entered the room through the double-doors and saw a lab around me. It was a very cliché lab I guess all white and a lot of metal around kind of alike a high-tech dentist’s room. I was still in a sneaky position when I heard talking coming from another room that led on from this one. Before I entered it I looked around and saw many beakers of a pink liquid that seemed to glow. I also saw many pictures of campers including myself. They then had pictures of women’s dresses and drawings of women beside the pictures of the campers. I looked at the drawing beside my picture and it was of a very good looking woman with red hair tied in a tight bun, she wore a lot of make-up but she still looked good and she wore a lot of green. While looking at this I realised that this was their plan of what we would look like so not only would I be a girl but I’d be a woman too. And what I didn’t stand was why I would have red hair, I had blonde hair at the moment but I focused on saving Danielle and possibly BB if I found him. I went through the next door and saw Susan with Amy and they were looking into a number of cells talking with people inside of them. I could hear Danielle’s voice and also another female’s voice. I moved around a little and accidently knocked over a pile of make-up which was lying on the table I was hiding behind. Susan and Amy quickly saw me and now exposed I decided not to hide anymore so I stood up and tried to look brave.




“Oh Ryan is that you? I nearly didn’t recognize you with your hair in a pony tail!” Susan giggled as she said the last part and I blushed I had forgotten all about that, damn it!




“Wait a minute Ryan are you there?! You’ve gotta get outta here they’ll capture you too!” Danielle shouted.




I gulped but I stood my ground I wasn’t going to let Danielle be kept prisoner like this.




“Let Danielle go and the others”




“Um no, heres another suggestion Senioreta Courage those two women standing behind you will knock you out and you’ll stay here how does that sound?” Amy said smugly.




“Uh?” I turned around to see two women who weren’t threatening have gas masks on and they sprayed something in my face. I felt dizzy and then blacked out. I woke up and blinked my eyes a lot of times to try and get my vision back to normal as it was really blurry at the moment.




“Uhg how long was I out for?” I said to myself not expecting an answer but I got one.




“Two days” I heard a familiar voice say, it was Susan I noticed I was in a pink room with a single bed, a mirror protected by something so it could not be smashed and a lot of make-up and wardrobe fixed to the wall with a lot of women’s clothes in it.




“Two days! But it only felt like a second!”




“Yeah I know that’s a very special gas, oh have you still not noticed yet, remember Ryan that it was during your sleep you changed and that’s been three nights now if you include the same day you got knocked out oh and we sped up the process a bit too seeing as you broke the rules.


Oh crap she was right, and if she had sped up the process…….I looked down at myself and saw two very good looking and large breasts. I screamed in a very girly manner. I felt them and tried to pull them off but these things were real, I also noticed I was wearing a bra and a pink tank-top. After my scream I felt my throat, my Adam’s apple was gone.


And then I felt in-between my legs and to my absolute horror felt nothing but a pair of panties underneath a pair ¾ length, girly bottoms I was also wearing toeless flats with flower designs on them. I screamed like I have never done before. And then I cursed at Susan like sin! I called her every name in the book that I knew of and even came up with a lot of crap which I figured sounded insulting. She just smiled from what I could see through the window, I also noticed that I wasn’t in a cell type room like Danielle I was in staff quarters.


“Why?! Why are you doing this to me and the others?!” I asked.




She looked sympathetic and then went on.




“Well I might aswell tell you now since it’s not like you’re going to escape here. Anyway this place, Home Acres is our base of operations. I am the head of an organisation named WGTO which stands for Women’s Global Take Over”




“What? That’s mad it’s like something out of a movie or something it’s just stupid is what it is!”




“Think what you may but you may even get the chance to join us after a while”




“I’ll never join you no matter how much I change!”




“We’ll see, oh where was I yes I used to be a government scientist back in the early 40’s but I was never treated with respect despite the fact I was more intelligent than the men working there I’ll explain how I haven’t aged in a minute. Anyway the government wanted to work on gene splicing and how to modify the human body to make a human nearly like a super-hero like have all of these amazing bodily advancements and I knew what to do! However because I was a woman they wouldn’t even listen so I decided to use it against them and turn them into females in a similar way I did to you, the one who was my boss is actually Amy!”




“Oh my god!”




“I also created a serum that slowed down the aging rate significantly I still age if I want to but I don’t anymore, I was 20 back in the 40’s and I figured that I needed to have some experience about me so I let myself age to 40 and have stopped I’ll never age again, and that means I can live forever unless somebody kills me but that won’t happen”




“So why change us then? Just because back then men were ignorant doesn’t mean that we are now!”




“Oh but it does sweety, men are even more pompous than they ever were which is why that within the next ten years there won’t be anymore men any male born will be automatically turned female and it won’t take as long as you did since their babies and quickly growing they suck the serum up like a sponge and the effects are almost instant”




“But how could you wipe out man?”




“I changed the future, you see there are camps like Home Acres in every city in the world all working for me and every year of school gets to go to these camps once a year and once a year is all it takes”




“But hey what about their parents and guardians like my Aunt Liz she’s going to question my disappearance especially when over 100 kids go missing with me”  




“I suppose she would but she already knows”








“Your Aunt Liz was the one to sign you up to this, July told Liz about this programme after she heard her say that she wished you were different she refused at first but then July convinced her that you’d have a better life and then she became very enthusiastic about it when your full transformation is done you’ll be living in one of our houses down in the town, it’s only populated by women and no men are allowed in oh and your Aunt Liz has agreed to move here she’ll be your neighbour!”




“My neighbour? W-what the hell? How….how could she do this to me?! And what do you mean when my transformation’s done I thought it was done! I’m a girl aren’t I?”




“Yes you are officially a teenage girl now but you were chosen to be an advanced transformee all occupants of whoever entered Cabin 6 would be changed into full women not just girls, you would become staff just like me”




“What you mean Francis and Brent too?”




“Oh your forgetting one significant other, the person you came to save I think, the girls who don’t comply with a completely female world also have to change y’know, right now Danielle has aged quite nicely and is still attractive she’s around 20 at the moment and counting up until 40 like me then she joins the staff and helps us out”




“Jesus Christ! You crazy bitch you’ll never get away with this, think about it the world leaders won’t just say ‘oh okay lets just willingly turn ourselves into women and let crazy Susan rule the world’”




“Wrong again, they won’t hand over but they will be forced too once the serum is released into the air and targets males aged 30 and below the rest will die eventually anyway so the future of the world will be female, once certain years have passed and everyone is female then we will all live in peace, no-one will rule the world that’s the goal! We can live on a world where we care about each other and are not ruled by the corrupt but enough talk you have a lot of changing to go through, there are clothes in the wardrobe for you for when you get older your body will change and over the next 3 months you will become a 40 year old woman and then you will have to endure 10 years of complete servitude, you will have to suffer as a house-wife for 10 years before you get the choice of joining us or not and just age until you die, but if you join us you can live forever! Oh and your friend Francis was caught by the way, Brent is still in camp changing with the others at the slower pace until he eventually gets selected to become one of us as the other girls just grow into the women they’ll become oh and also your name is no longer Ryan, it is Katherine now, enjoy your transformation and think positively Katherine!”




She then leaves me alone in my new room for the next 3 months until I become a woman. I just lie down on my bed and cry, this is a nightmare. I don’t care to look around the room I just stay in bed…….

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