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Like a shockingly large amount of people, I have lived with the desire to dress and feel something like the opposite sex. I have always kept this to myself, never feeling able to share it with anyone I knew.

For a brief time when I was much younger, and due to the fashion trends of the day, I was able to express my other self. To go out dressed in makeup and other feminine apparel was wonderful.

But of course it ended as fashions do and I met and fell deeply in love with someone of the opposite sex, someone I would never want to hurt. Because of this and the convoluted feelings of guilt and shame I burden myself with, I will always stay in the shadows, at the back of the closet.

The insular nature of this existence can be difficult at times, so I have started to write stories about a perfect other me, who is always pretty and fashionably. My hope was it would be a cathartic exercise, a way to alleviate the feelings we all have to deal with from time to time.


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